In my field I get really excited by solving problems and being creative at the same time. Im interested in how things work and why things work. We live in a complex world and design has the power to reduce the complexity to the bare essentials. Every project is individual and needs completely different approaches and methods to solve the problem. 

At the same time I am also interested in processes and organisational structures that encourage people to be creative. In my opinion, most companies have problems offering a creative environment where employees have the necessary scope for decision making. Currently I advise a company in this field and try to remove any barriers using creative methods from my ux/ui field.  

I would like to work in a company or team where where creative minds are a welcome part of the culture. So I am really searching for like-minded people for creating the future. I am presently dealing with visual user interface elements in conversational interfaces. I'm seeing a lot of change in this field – but I believe in the combination of conversational and graphical user interfaces.