Feb 2017—Today

UX Strategist

Plunet is the leading management and workflow software for translation businesses.

As a UX strategist I help Plunet to face project dilemmas and realise dreams by using a combination of methods from the fields of design thinking, business strategy and Lean UX. I help interdisciplinary teams to define project objectives, question emerging solutions critically, and test MVP prototypes.

Jan 2014—Jan 2016

Lead Service Desiger

obergudt provides a way to obtain good locally produced food directly from the best producers, farmers, bakers, microbreweries and beekeepers around.

As a co-founder of obergudt, I was able to shape the company's vision from the begin. I got a deep insight into the startup world and I learn to fail — many times. Initially, I create a design language of obergudt and build, together with Arvid Kahl (a extremely talented full stack developer), the first location based food-platform in Berlin where farmers can publish their story and sell their organic food online. After launching, I build interdisciplinary design team which tested new product ideas and worked further on the visual brand of obergudt. We made the experience that local foods benefit is more about human interaction and face to face contact. We rethought our business model and tested the first pick up store concept — rethought again — and currently testing local food boxes.

Aug 2016—Dez 2016

Senior UX/UI Designer

comdirect is a leading direct bank and with approximately 200 million page impressions a month, comdirect is one of Germany’s most heavily used financial websites.

The idea behind this project was to support people with financial planning by combining their data with potential scenarios and events in the future. The tool then helps to compare different saving products by the comdirect bank and its competitors. Michael and I worked together with an interdisciplinary team consisting of developers, mathematicians and marketing specialists. We helped comdirect shaping the idea for the tool and built a hi-fi prototype for testing and presentation purposes.

Jan 2009—Aug 2016

Senior Product Designer

Plunet is the leading management and workflow software for translation businesses.

  • Reorientation of design processes
  • Make User Centered Design part of our workflows
  • Integration of new design processes (Lean UX) into existing development processes
  • Create Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi & HTML prototypes
May 2013—Apr 2015

UX/UI Designer

On the online ”Earth System Knowledge Platform (ESKP)”, scientists from eight research centres of the Helmholtz Association present a wide range of information on topics from the “Earth System” research area.

  • Define platform concept, content strategy and information architecture
  • Create wireframes and click-prototype walkthrough
  • Performed usertests and use eyetracking to improve platform experience
  • Designing platform for desktop browser and mobile
  • Explain all design decisions to scientists (think – the most important part:)

Interface Design

Grade 1.0. – Potsdam University of Applied Sciences